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Lordes offer much more than luxury car storage services. Our team is dedicated to making your experience live up to and beyond expectations. Our aim is to enable you to really enjoy your vehicle(s). Our services include:

• Luxury car storage that offers more than just a high end facility. Please enquire for more details.

• Events including tours designed by the Lordes team that include world famous roads. All of the hotels are handpicked and at least 5*

• Track days and further events with our partners at RMA

• We have a partner network that can source cars for you and check their provenance whether they are Vintage, Classic or just used. We can arrange engineers’ reports and high end customisation including tuning for high performance cars.

We are here to deliver the best for you and if there is anything you need that is not on our literature, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will look to facilitate it for you if we can.