Luxury Car Storage

At Lordes we take pride in our first class service and facilities. We are the only storage facility in the Channel Islands specifically designed to cater for luxury cars.
Our facility is a secure, climate and humidity controlled environment that is totally contaminant free - akin to hermetic conditions, which is key for high value vehicles to maintain a flawless condition during their life in storage.
Daily, weekly and monthly checks for each vehicle are stringent.
We understand that individual clients may require a different approach to their storage solution, so at Lordes we tailor our services to fit these requests.


We offer rolling plans depending on the length of the contract on bands of:

  • One Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • One Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months

Please contact us on 07839 702536 or email and we will provide comprehensive pricing and package details to suit your needs.


Vehicle Onboarding Checks

At Lordes, we take pride in the onboarding of every vehicle. Our team carry out stringent checks covering all aspects of the vehicle to ensure it is maintained in the best possible way whilst stored with us. Our storage facility is also both humidity and temperature controlled to ensure the most optimised conditions.

The Onboarding Process

Vehicles are checked and cleaned where necessary.
This is to make sure that the car is in perfect condition for storage and keeps our storage facility pristine.

Both the interior and the bodywork are inspected. All vehicle controls including windows, switches, lights and electricals are also checked to ensure they all work.

On completion, photos are taken of the car and any damage or marks are recorded.

The vehicle is parked up in one of our spacious bays and tyres are inflated an extra 10psi to prevent them from flat spotting.

The battery is checked and put on trickle charge.

The vehicle is then covered, and drip trays are positioned underneath the car.

Clients are sent our full induction report, with photographs.

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Each car

Daily Checks

Trickle charges are checked daily to ensure the battery is kept in a good state.

Weekly Checks

Drip trays are checked weekly. Any leaks are noted, logged and reported to the client.

Monthly Checks

Covers are removed, followed by a full bodywork and drip tray check.
The vehicle is started and kept running until the running temperature is reached.
At this point the vehicle is driven backwards and forwards to ensure tyres are kept in optimum condition.
All the electrics, including the lights and switches are fully checked.
Finally, the drip trays are rechecked to see if any leaks have occured whilst the vehicle has been running.

Vehicle Offboarding Checks

Offboarding the vehicles correctly to ensure it is returned in the optimum condition is key to our service.

On extraction, the vehicles are fully inspected inside and out. Any marks or damage are noted and logged and are clients are asked to sign off and confirm they are happy.

Tyre pressures are reduced to the correct driving pressures. Fluid levels are checked.

We ensure the car is offboarded in 'ready to drive' condition.


We do not carry out any mechanical maintenance of the vehicles, but if a client would like their vehicle serviced, we can deliver it to any local dealership and pick it up afterwards.

Vehicle Driving

Driving of the vehicle can be arranged if requested.

Please note: A minimum of 24 hours notice period is required for clients who want to take their vehicle.
This allows us to prepare it for them.


We take security very seriously here at Lordes, so our clients can trust their cars with us.

Our facility has both interior and exterior security cameras which are active 24 hours a day, along with both motion and heat sensors. 4 steel security bollards are in place at the front of our facility to stop any forced entry or exit.
All vehicle keys are securely locked away.