Luxury car storage company revs up operation in Guernsey

Guernsey is set to be home to a new luxury car storage facility which will open the island to a worldwide client base.

Lordes Luxury Car Storage will operate from the island with 5 locally-based staff and room for 110 luxury vehicles.

The facility is a bespoke, secure installation with state-of-the-art technology for temperature, air quality and humidity to ensure the luxury cars are kept in optimum conditions.

Many luxury and ultra-luxury cars are bought as investments and lovingly housed to protect them with a view to being an appreciating asset.

Cars from around the world will be stored in the Guernsey facility and Lordes is also able to provide the shipping and delivery of the vehicles.

Lordes will officially launch in the island with a special event at the OGH Hotel on Friday 17 November. The event will feature speakers from Lordes, a professional insight into investing in luxury vehicles and a presentation from Deputy Peter Ferbrache, president of the Committee for Economic Development with a panel and question session to conclude the evening.

Karen Lewis, Lordes chairman, said that Guernsey was the ideal location for the new business.

“Guernsey was the obvious choice for us as a brand as the island is recognised worldwide for its discretion and professionalism,” she said.

“Many who invest in cars as an asset are passionate about them and want them to be professionally cared for. Our local team will provide that service. We will make daily checks and keep the cars in absolutely pristine conditions caring for these extraordinary vehicles as if they are their own.

“Luxury cars are a growing asset class and it’s absolutely crucial that the vehicles are stored in a facility that is not only secure but that is specifically designed to maintain the quality and condition of the cars; that’s exactly what we’re offering and we can’t wait to start filling the facility.”

“Lordes has made a significant investment into Guernsey which is a real show of faith in the island,” said Andrew Carey, the Head of Locate Guernsey. “The new storage facility is an excellent addition to the commercial landscape in the island which will also help to bring to Guernsey wealthy people who might not have been aware of the island’s charms beforehand.

“This is as well as the very obvious multi-million pound spend that’s already gone into the island economy in the use of various professional service providers and traders who’ve brought the premises to its state-of-the-art, ready-to-use condition.”